Members Resources

The Members Resources page is the go to spot for new and old club documents.  The committee has provided the content for public release.  In the future, limited release documents shall be provided in a pasword protected area.  National and State Surf Life Saving documents are not duplicated here.


Current Working Documents for 2018-2019:

Key Access Application Form

Alcohol Management Policy

Safe Transport Policy

Smoke Free Policy

On-going Documents:

Chiton Rocks SLSC Constitution and ByLaws – July 2012
Chiton Rocks Strategic Plan – Draft1

Historical Records:

56th Annual Report 2012-2013
2013-2014 Chiton 100 Club Flyer



Patrol Roster 2014-2015 Part 2
Patrol Groups 2014-2015 Part 2

Patrol Roster 2014-2015 Part 1
Patrol Groups 2014-2015 Part 1

Patrol Roster 2013-2014 Part 2
Patrol Groups 2013-2014 Part 2

Patrol Roster 2013-2014 Part 1
Patrol Groups 2013-2014 Part 1

Patrol Roster 2012-2013 Part 2
Patrol Groups 2012-2013 Part2


Documents Awaiting Release:

  • Board of Management / Committee Contact Details
  • Club Points of Contact (extended member contact details)
  • Bar Licence and Staffing Documents
  • Patrol Agreements
  • Club Equipment Lists
  • Manuals for our engines, vehicles and AV equipment
  • Works and Maintenace Programs
  • Training Documents, Checklists and Hints
  • Historical member lists
  • Historical officer bearer lists
  • Historical trophy winner lists