Training News

Training Courses are scheduled around demand and the availability of members and volunteer trainers.  Please email one of the training points of contact to register interest or contact the state centre to find out what courses are being run at other clubs.  The current training schedule for Chiton Rocks is provided below.

Bronze Squad – TBD

Surf Rescue Certificate – TBD

IRB Crew – TBD

IRB Driver – TBD

Senior First Aid Courses – (the calendar is at SLSSA Training)

Training Points of Contact:

Chief Instructor Leo O’Callaghan
Bronze / SRC Instructor Aaron Lindsay
Lindy Lewis
IRB Instructor Aaron Lewis
ARTC/Resus Instructor Leo O’Callaghan

Training Resources:

 The primary repository for training resources is Surf Life Saving SA

 The following copies are provided for convenience:

IRB Crew Assessment Guide

IRB Crew Learner Guide

IRB Driver Assessment Guide

IRB Driver Learner Guide