Building Refurbishment (archived from Feb2017)

Feb 2017

Dear Chiton Members & Supporters

After many years of false starts, we’re finally going ahead with our building upgrade!

Our building upgrade is a state government project so we are limited in regards to process and options. The Building Committee have spent a lot of time with our project manager to come up with the most economical and affordable option for the club. See attached pics showing some concepts & floor plans for our upgrade (full 42pg detailed plan document available, I can email this out to anyone who would like to check it out). We have had structural engineers check over our current building and approve it for this upgrade.

Below we have tried to answer some of the commonly heard questions around the club lately. If you have any further questions/contributions please feel free to reply or contact myself direct on 0428 040 444.

What are we doing?
Basically we are extending out from our current building east into our car park. The new downstairs section will be our equipment storage and above new kitchen, bar, function and training rooms. The current downstairs areas will be reworked into male and female change rooms, shower and toilet areas, patrol room, first aid room and gymnasium, trying to incorporate as much storage as possible. The current upstairs section will be converted into 4 separate bunk rooms (2 where the current bunk room is and 2 where the current bar/lounge is), lounge area (current dance floor area) and kitchenette (current bar).

Benefits of the upgrade?
> Upgrading of accommodation to encourage more members to stay at the club with a more family friendly feel and greater flexibility for group bookings
> Larger separate male & female shower, toilet & change room facilities
> Increased equipment storage
> Separate first aid room and patrol room
> Training room
> Gymnasium
> Separate accommodation and function areas
> Accessibility friendly facility
> Community hub opportunities
> Multiple income stream opportunities to fund the future of the club
> Much more appealing facilities to encourage new members

Disadvantages of the current clubrooms?
> The building is in great need of attention
> First aid room is too small and doubles as our patrol room and other storage
> There is not enough room in the storage shed for our equipment
> There are no change room area at all and only single sex bathroom downstairs
> Bathrooms are of poor quality and small
> The kitchen would require an upgrade to allow it to be used for commercial purposes
> Any upgrades are difficult due to asbestos (which will be removed as part of the upgrade)
> The function area is too small
> There is no space for a gym
> Overall the whole building is too small for our current membership numbers

How much are we borrowing?
Our contribution to the project is 11% plus accommodation costs and fit out which will be approx. $450-$500k and as we have already contributed over $200k so far that leaves us seeking a $250-$300k loan, unless we can raise lots of money in the next 12 months.

Where is the loan coming from?
Surf Life Saving SA has a trust fund managed by a group called Kanini that all clubs can borrow from at current market rates so this is our best option, unless we can obtain a better offer from elsewhere.

Why do we have to fund the accommodation costs?
Being a State Government project it has been determined what is essential for a surf life saving club and unfortunately accommodation does not fall within the list so we are responsible for 100% of the costs involved for our accommodation areas.

Time line?
Current estimate is 9-12 months commencing 1st May 2017

How will we operate during upgrades?
This is the tricky bit as we still need to function as an emergency service and perform all our patrols as per normal during the upgrade. We will hopefully have all our patrol gear stored around the corner in a shed that should be enough to get us through the next patrol season. We are looking into options of having a shipping container or site hut at the club to use as a patrol/first aid room and we also need to find off site storage options for the rest of our furniture and equipment (suggestions welcome).

Any other questions/suggestions are more than welcome. As mentioned in previous emails and facebook posts, we need to all rally and help with fundraising activities in the next 12 months especially, to minimise the amount of money we need to borrow.

It will be all hands on deck over the Easter weekend where we will endeavour to clear out the building in an orderly fashion and relocate our furniture/equipment to storage areas.

Hope to see you all at the club for our last show in the current building on 1st April and again on Easter weekend to help with the clean out.

Aaron Lewis
0428 040 444